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Single Nomination Form To Nominate Multiple Sites

Single Nomination Form To Nominate Multiple Sites

Reading nominations forms is something we do, day in day out however sometimes we come across some unusual practices.

As a general rule there is always 1 nomination form per site as each site is different, but this is not always the case.


‘Bexley Federation of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners’ submitted a single nomination form on 13/3/20, nomination all 35 allotment sites owned by the London Borough of Bexley.

All 35 nominations were successful and added to the local authorities list of assets of community value on 6/5/20.

Potential issues

From the nominee perspective nominating all 34 allotment sites using 1 form is quicker and easier it also opens up invalidating all nominations if the asset owner successfully appeals the listing.

The regulations clearly state that the nomination must include the boundry of the nominated land however in the case of the nomination of the 35 allotments only the street name that the allotment was on was included.

List of Allotment Sites to be included in the application for ‘Assets of Community Value’ –
Alers Road
Barry Avenue
Bourne Road
Burnell Avenue
Chapmans Land
Church Road
Cray Road
Crayford Way
Days Lane
Elstree Gardens
Gilbert Road
Grasmere Road
Harland Avenue
Knoll Road
Lesnes Abbey
Lesney Farm
Longlands Road
Love Lane
Monks Farm
Old Farm Avenue
Olyffe Avenue
Parkside Avenue
Priestlands Park
Radnor Avenue
Ripley Road
Rosemary Road
Sherwood Park
South Road
Stable Meadows
Station Approach
Valentine Avenue
Warwick Road

The nomination would appear to have failed the nomination regulations but the council still listed all 35 allotments, likely as these were all owned by the local authority.

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