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If an owner disagrees with the local authorities decision to list there property as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) they have the legal right to ask the local authority to review it’s decision to list the property as an ACV.

A request for a listing review must be made in writing before the end of a period of eight weeks beginning with the day on which written notice of inclusion of the land in the list was given by the responsible authority under section 91(2) of the Act, or such longer period as the authority may in writing allow.

The authority must complete the internal review by the end of the period of eight weeks beginning with the date the authority receives the written request for the review, or such longer period as is agreed with the owner in writing.

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Why Choose Us

We aim to provide an efficient, professional service, utilising our skills, experience and knowledge of the Right To Bid Legislation to your best advantage. We aim to provide honest advice about the merits of your case, and the best means of achieving success.

Indepth knowledge

The Right To Bid legislation, which is part of the Localism Act 2011 , Chapter 5 Part 3. Commonly known as an Asset of Community Value is a highly contested piece of legislation often used for purposes other that the legislators intended.

ACV Strategy

Every asset of community value nomination is different, let our team help you formulate a strategy to respond to the nomination.

We look at the bigger picture

As independent Asset of Community Value consultants we analyse how every local authority in England has interpreted this legislation with regards to being a material consideration in planning applications and what in the local authorities opinion actually furthers the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community.

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