Assets Of Community Value - Help & Advice For PROPERTY Owners

We can assist you with your Asset of Community Value concerns, from avoidance advice to challenging a successful nomination.  We promise to give you honest advice on the merits of your case, and the best means of achieving success. We will use our extensive knowledge and research library to put together specialist reports and information.

ACV Consultant Vs a Legal Professional (Solicitor / Barrister)

As Asset of Community Value Consultants we offer advice based on our extensive research and experience of how local authorities have interpreted the legislation. As the government did not create a central point for where all data is correlated, we created an in-house comprehensive database of nominated assets which allows us to do analysis on how local authorities interpret the legislation and in turn the best way to get an asset de-listed.

Legal professionals are experts in the legal challenge but very few are experienced specifically with the Assets of Community Value legislation. The legislation was created to allow the community to without legal advice nominate an asset and in turn for the owner to defend the decision without legal advice.

Our internal research shows that getting an asset removed from the list of assets of community value via an internal review by the local authority are more successful then in the courts. Their has been tribunal cases where even a Queens Council (QC) barrister did not result in the appeal being allowed.

Tribunal rulings are sometimes  surprising such as ACV remaining when the pub has been subject to an arson attack but as planning was in place for conversion of the upstairs into residential use their was a realistic possibility that the pub would be rebuilt to allow the community use to continue in the next 5 years.

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